Our Background

Sleep Comfort is recognised as a provider of high quality textile products.

In 1998 we began producing textile products after identifying a place in the market for some of the fabrics it was utilizing in the healthcare arena. Following the initial success of these products, the Sleep Comfort brand was established to house the growing range of textile products.

Our textile products include bed linen, quilted products, waterproof products, blankets and more. We supply to major department stores, discount department stores, bedding specialist retail groups and independent manchester retailers. 

Our Expertise

As a company with a medical foundation, we understand and are committed to the levels of excellence required to manufacture healthcare products. We utilize this expertise in developing and producing  textiles ranges that focus on health benefits for consumers. Many of our textile products are also supplied to the healthcare sector.

Ownership of some of the factories we use in China ensures we continually meet the changing product and supply needs and competitive pricing requirements of our customers.

Our Brands

Sleep Comfort has three tiers within the brand, designed to cater for all consumer needs and all budgets. With Sleep Comfort you are sure to find the right product at the right price for your customers.

Sleep Comfort Essentials delivers honesty and choice. Everyday basics at exceptional prices.

Sleep Comfort Classic is all about integrity and pride. Products you can rely on and great value.

Sleep Comfort Premium provides inspiration and generosity. Products geared to the discerning buyer who appreciates luxury and detail.

Our Partners

National Asthma Council Australia

Working with the National Asthma Council Australia, Sleep Comfort brings you safe, comfortable bedding products designed to be a healthy choice for all - especially asthma and allergy suffers.

Many textile products carry the Sensitive Choice® logo. Sensitive Choice® is a community service program created by the National Asthma Council Australia for all of us who want to breathe purer, cleaner, fresher air and reduce allergic reactions.

The program is of particular value to the 2,300,000 Australians with asthma and the one in three of us who suffer from allergies.

To help you identify asthma and allergy-aware products, community-conscious companies use the Sensitive Choice® symbol on their packaging. You’ll find the reassuring blue butterfly on hundreds of products – from bedding to building products. All products approved are carefully assessed by an independent scientific panel before being accepted into the Sensitive Choice® program.

Make a Sensitive Choice® with Sleep Comfort.

Thomson Research Associates

Several of our products are treated with Ultra-Fresh or Silpure, leading anti-microbial solutions proven to reduce the incidence of dust-mites.

PROVEN - Products containing Ultra-Fresh or Silpure can effectively control house dust mites, bacteria, fungi, mould & mildew.

TESTED - By national and international regulatory bodies and supported with a 50 year track record of safety and efficacy.

TRUSTED - Used worldwide, Ultra-Fresh and Silpure are an effective way of creating a healthier home environment for you and your family.

Reducing dust-mites in the mattress and bedding means reducing the triggers of the symptoms of asthma for sufferers.